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The Wellness Care explained:

For many years our patients who came in for the treatment of a back or neck problem would get better and then want to know more about alternative health care and maintenance care.

We found that people regain their general health faster if they participate in a Wellness Program instead of only Chiropractic care.

First a few basics:  The three main causes of health problems are:

1. History of Trauma, this can be from falls, sports injuries, car accidents etc.

2. Environmental Toxins, This is worldwide issue that many people are just started to understand.

3. Emotional Stress, Most people know that this can reduce Immune Function and make us susceptible to disease.

In our office our patients are tested for all three of the above (trauma, toxins and stress) and we provide treatment as needed for these.  I have found that people who participate in Wellness Care get better faster.

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