Baeza Chiropractic
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"Dr Baeza's chiropractic care has eliminated my headaches completely and provided me with relief from my lower back pain." 
Cory Bjostad, Computer Operations

"I had been reluctant to use Chiropractic Care before, because I believed that once a person started they could never stop.  Baeza Chirpractic has been successful in bringing me back to a fully active life-style, and I have since learned that chiropractic is not a destination but part of a continual process for improving and maintaining my health."  Brennan Zerbe, Controller       

"Dr. Bill Baeza is an excellent Chiropractor and a true healer. He relieved me of my pain."  Jon Kaiser, M.D.          

"Over the years I have seen many doctors for my severe menstral cramps.  They prescribed some very strong drugs (with annoying side effects), all to no avail.  By the third month of Dr. Baeza's Chiropractic Care ,I wasn't even aware of my period starting."  Barbara Sterling-Dunn,  Homemaker
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